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    Glam Cowl

    Knit now 3 hits the shops today! My pattern, the Glam Cowl is made from just 1 skein of Debbie Bliss Angel and is a simple, fairly quick knit. They have styled it as a capelet, but it can also be worn loose as a long cowl or infinity scarf, or doubled around as a close fitting cowl. I’ve made versions of this several times for Mum, and I think I’ve got it about right now! For me, this is more of a product knit than a process knit – but it’s made several highly appreciated gifts, so it’s worth the repetitive knitting!
    This has been another lovely pattern-writing experience. Unlike The Knitter (also lovely to work with), Knit now is a new publication. It focusses on accessories rather than garments and has a fresh look and a distinctive, appealing voice. As a budding designer, catching a new magazine in its infancy has been a great experience. I just missed out on submitting for issues 1 & 2, but have managed to get patterns into 3,4 & 5 so far. I didn’t submit for 6 as I was busy moving out of the house (grrr) and I’m waiting to hear about 7 & 8. There’s a distinct energy to the magazine, which I really like.
    Issue 3 has a pair of legwarmers – which I’ve been thinking seem like a Very Good Idea– some socks with very interesting looking non-standard construction. I’m on a bit of a sock roll, so those are going on my queue. There’s a couple of hats which I like, a cabled cowl, a trio of coffee cup cosies, a sweet shrug, and some interesting gloves that all appeal to me.
    There’s also a garment supplement that has a jumper I want to knit NOW! I know that it’s a bulky jumper and I’m not exactly sylph-like. Giant boobs and bulky sweaters are not generally a great combination. But it’s cold and stormy outside, and I have remarkably few sweaters. I don’t buy many, because I can make them – but then I tend to give away most of the sweaters I knit when they look great on someone else! So, as I’ve nearly finished the second big knit for the gallery, I might treat myself to a quick and cosy sweater project.
    I will write a yarn review soon – we are still out of the house, and the accommodation we are in now doesn’t have any internet access. I am so dependant on broadband – living without it feels like losing a limb!
    I have been really busy recently, trying to get something happening with the insurance company, sorting out where we are going to be over Christmas (NOT back in our house) and finishing 2 patterns that were due in at the same time, plus 2 commission knits for a gallery. I’ve hardly thought about Christmas yet! But seeing my second published pattern in the shops is going to feel like any early present :)

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