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    Melas shawl - The Crochet Project 2: Woodland Whimsy, plus giveaway.

    It's out!!! Have you seen the pretty? It's here. Go look, drool a bit then come back!

    this and all photos are ©Kat Goldin

    This is my contribution, the Melas shawl. Made in Fyberspates vivacious 4 ply (100% merino), the colours just glow. It's fast becoming one of my absolute favourite yarns - I working on a super seckrit design in the dk just now too.

    I knew the names of the patterns would be woodland themed and thought that the delicate look of the design would lend itself well to a nymph inspired name. After a little dryad research (cos that's how I roll!) I came across this

    "(4) The Maliades, Meliades or Epimelides were Nymphai of apple and other fruit trees. They were also protectors of sheep. The Greek word melas from which their name derives means both apple and sheep."

    Nymphs of blossoming fruit trees AND SHEEP!! Perfect. It was obviously meant to be!

    This isn't one of those designs that came easily. It kicked my butt, since you ask. But eventually, when everything slipped into place it flowed and is a fairly easy make. Motif based, and designed as either a square shawl or a rectangular wrap, you can easily make the motifs in batches up to the last round then join them together. It makes for an ideal travelling project. The edging has optional beads added which remind me of dew on spiderwebs.

    As always, Kat's photos are a delight & Joanne's tech editing is thorough  & sensitively done. I am thrilled to have been part of both crochet collections by The Crochet Project. The other patterns are lovely too. I especially like this simple & pretty silk infinity cowl, Sibleyback by Anniken Allis

    This lovely cross season top , Maple Falls by Joanne Scrace

    And the fabulous colours and texture of the Kissiae Stole by Elly Doyle

    In fact, I like all the patterns in the collection, but I can't show you every single one!

    The giveaway is now closed, and the randomly picked winning post is No 9, so congratulations to Josie!

    I would also like to give one reader a FREE Melas shawl pattern to celebrate the collection.

    The patterns are available in both UK & USA terms - let me know which you prefer. The giveaway is open for a week, closing on Monday the 11th November 2013. I'll pick a random post number again. Just comment below, letting me know which design from the collection is your favourite & why. I'll message the winner next week :)

    Good luck!



    Coming up....

    I'm blocking a hat that I can't wait to show you. It's a stranded knit in wool, and is taking FOREVER to dry, but as soon as it is dry & I can take photos, I'll show you.

    It's a design from Ann Kingstone's Stranded Knits and she was kind enough to send me a copy to review. I thought that the best way to really let you know what I think of the book was to follow a pattern from it, so I'll review it once I've tried the hat on!

    I also thought I might do a post about how to block hats. They are one of those things that often don't get blocked, but look so much better when they do. It's easy too, and you don't need any special equipment.

    The Crochet project II is on it's way too. I have a design in there that I am really happy with. It wasn't one that came easily, it fought me every step of the way. Somewhere along the line I compromised my original plans, the design changed just slightly, I added a different colour & it all slotted into place. I can't wait to see the photos. Kat posted a teaser on instagram yesterday - what do you think?




    As most of you know I've been running crochet workshops for a while now. I tend to take along a selection of magazines & books for people to look through. One of the patterns that has been an absolute favourite is Kate Heppell's Abbey Hey Blanket which was published in a crochet supplement for Knit Now magazine.

    ©Practical Publishing

    In fact one lady booked onto the 'Carry on hooking' workshop after doing the granny squares beginner course just so that she could learn how to make it! 

    Jen, one of the attendees on my last workshop wrote a workshop review on her blog. The blog itself is adorable - much like the author! Go check it out at teaandknitting. Thanks for the lovely review, Jen x

    I've got an exciting crochet related giveaway for you tomorrow, that involves Kate's much admired blanket pattern  - don't miss it!


    New Patterns: Crochet in Knit Now!


    ©Knit Now Magazine

    Knit Now Issue 22 has a free crochet magazine supplement - and I was lucky enough to do a pattern collection using Bergere de France yarns exclusively for this magazine. I got to play with different yarns: Magic + , Norvege & Ecoton

    The image above is the Cover image - yes, I made the cover! The patern is for the hat, scarf & 2 flowers. The edging on the scarf is made in Broomstick crochet - which was a new-to-me technique that I've wanted to try, but didn't really want to commit to a whole project. Edging is a great way to try new things, and this lends itself so well to bold colour combinations too. 

    The beret is a perfect beginner's project, it's super simple and easy to wear. The edging is very effective on knitting as well as crochet - so it's a good one to try. I love these colours together, and I made sure to keep the yellow away from the face as it is quite tricky for a lot of people to wear near the skin.  All of my patterns in this issue are aimed at new crocheters. The magazine even gives you a free sparkly crochet hook - so what are you waiting for??

    I'll show you the other patterns during the week, but if you want to learn to crochet, there are 2 spaces left on my learn to crochet workshop (Get your Granny on) at Tomatojack Arts in Berkeley on 29th June - why not come along x



    Keeping it simple

    I've been making a magazine design recently. It's the first time I've done a garment, and while it's a simple knit, getting the proportions right has been unexpectedly difficult. In fact it's been kicking my butt :(

    So I needed something simple to work on for when I can't do work knitting. Knit nights, waiting during kid's music lessons - when it's not appropriate to take work knitting, or when I won't be able to concentrate properly. I've also had to sort out the shed - Mr Happymaking has a new work contract that means he can work from home more often so we need to be able to share the workspace. I realised I had somehow gained a lot of blue-grey colour yarn. Some is left over from old projects or designs,  some given to me, some sent by Rico as samples of their summer yarns. Now I've used some for swatches, but that means I have quite a few part-balls hanging around. I don't want to throw them out, but they are taking up space. So I've started a stash-busting crochet blanket.

     Simple stripes, a different colour every row. I don't know how far the yarn will go, so I don't know how big it will get. But oh, those stripes are addictive. Blues, greys, touch of black & white with little pops of orange from time to time. I'm avoiding yarns that will felt easily so this should be a really practical snuggly blanket. I am loving making it. And I have to restrict myself to only working on it when I can't work on the stuff that pays. Because honestly, at the moment, I would happily work on this and nothing else! One stitch, one colour at a time, random(ish) selection of yarns, growing easily, stripe by's just so addictive!

    I will think of a border to cunningly secure all these ends. At least that's the plan.......

    Happy making xx