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    Ooo, baby baby...

    I'm going to be an aunt again. This time, there are 2 on the way. Despite the lack of history of twins in our family, I have identical twin boys and my sister is pregnant with identical twin girls. Double the fun!
    I wanted to make baby blankets/shawls that will grow with the girls. I planned to follow a pattern. But apparently I'm not very good at that any more. 
    So I have designed hexagonal crochet motifs that are being joined to make a big hexagon. I have not chosen baby colours. 

    The drape is more shawl-y than blanket-y although I'm using a dk yarn rather than a baby yarn.

    The colours are a little more dark & intense in real life.

    I had picked out a much lighter colour for the second shawl. But having done this one first, I don't want a lighter, more basic colourway for the second. So I'm going to pick out another colour tomorrow.

    I really like the dark, grown up colours here. DH is not so keen. What do you think?


    Crystallography Curtain at The Making Spot

    Just a quick post to let you know that the folks over at The Making Spot have added my crochet curtain to their site. So if you didn't get The Knitter 44, you can now download The Crystal Curtain for the bargain price of £1.99.


    New Pattern - Crystallography

    My first crochet pattern, the Crystallography curtain has been published in The Knitter Issue 44.

    It's caused a surprising amount of controversy on Ravelry. 

    Crochet in a Knitting magazine? A curtain in a knitting magazine?  Shocking!

    Yup. And no, I would not have considered crocheting a curtain if that wasn't what had been commissioned. And yes, it turned out really pretty. If I had smaller windows I would make myself a stained-glass coloured one. It was quite a challenge, but I'm happy with it, and proud to see it in such a prestigious magazine. 

    I might take up an idea from a Ravelry member, and crochet the motif in different colours to sew onto my living room curtains. 
    Our living room has a whole wall of window/french doors, and we have lightweight white curtains up. Adding coloured motifs would add colour, pattern and texture. Sounds like a plan to me!

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