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    Get your Granny on - inspiration

    I've had a couple of days where I've been sewing & gardening. I remembered that people in 'normal' jobs take weekends off! Yesterday I was doing work-related sewing stuff for the weekly classes I teach at Kingshill House in Dursley, so I've been away from crochet for a few days. I'm back today & trying to stick to writing patterns - although I still have samples to make. I much prefer actually doing crochet to writing crochet patterns, so that's always a bit of a battle!

    I'll write more about how I'm writing the patterns in another post. Today I wanted to let you know a bit about the inspiration for the book. This book hadn't been on my radar at all. There are other ideas in my head, but they are all more complicated, and this one appeared almost fully formed. My previous post talks a bit about why it popped up.

    Although I had the basics down, I wanted something to bring the collection together - a kind of narrative for the book. Then I realised - grannies are the whole book. Granny squares have survived essentially unchanged for about as long as there has been crochet. I also had real life grannies. My paternal grandma died quite a long time ago, when I was at Uni, but my maternal Gran died 3 years ago - you can read about her here. My children have grannies. Grans & grandads are important.

    I'm always a little uncomfortable with the idea that knitting & crochet should be somehow different, better than what your granny did. How many articles do we see about 'The New Knitting' and how it's 'Not your Nanny's knitting'? My grandmothers had to knit/crochet/sew to clothe & warm their families. They would have knitted to help the war effort during the First & Second World Wars. (Interesting article here) They didn't have access to all the glorious choice of yarns that we do now. And I refuse to look down on the work they did as somehow less than the work I do now.

    I don’t want to poke fun at grannies – I want to honour them.

    That's the narrative for the book. It is absolutely happymaking, and I very much hope that all the grannies in my life would either make or wear these designs. All the projects are named after women in my family life – actual grannies or not – that I want to honour. There are more women than projects actually, so maybe I will need to do another book!