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    The Domesticated Skirt

    While friends might scoff if I described myself as domesticated, there are bits of me that are! I am reasonably domesticated in the kitchen, if not in any other areas of the house! And I love an apron. This could be because I spend a lot of time throwing ingredients down myself, but I also like how they look. I wear my  Amy Butler Domestic Goddess Apron all the time. Yes it has a mountaineer on my breasts. And goats headbutting each other on a bridge over the general area of my crotch. That's part of it's charm.  Don't you just love Ikea quirky fabrics? 

    Anyway, when i found the domesticated skirt tutorial on Pinterest, I followed the link over to Sew a straight line to find out more. It's a super simple skirt that is reversible and has a layered look - almost like wearing a half apron over a skirt. Umm, backwards. Just go with me.....

    I had some ticking fabric that I had bought without a plan at Fabricland, and I still had some fabric from a floral duvet cover that Ikea sell at some insanely low price. I bought some ready made bias binding. And, in about an hour total time (split into little bits over 2 evenings) I made a skirt.

    Now, I'm never going to wear this with the floral on the outside because it's too sheer, so I decided to make the most of my brand new ruffler foot. I added a ruffle to the exposed front of the floral and did the rest pretty much as per the tutorial. As always, my measurements seem to lie, and the skirt came out a little large. However, it looks really cute. I don't have any modelled pictures because the weather has been grey and rubbish and the light has been awful.

    Here you can see the ruffle- once I'd worked out the ruffler foot (not the simplest foot ever!), it was really easy. You can make the ruffle and attach it at the same time, but I wasn't that brave! I just did a small tight zigzag to bind the bottom edge.

    I LOVE the look of this skirt. But it feels VERY precarious to wear. Possibly because I am rather more rounded than Sabra from Sew a straight line, who came up with the pattern, maybe because I used two different weight fabrics and it's a little large anyway. So I am going to play about with it - maybe add poppers at the sides or something, or maybe make a simple straight skirt with a ruffle bottom and make an apron to tie over it. Because the layered effect is sweet without adding bulk, and I really want to make this work for me. If I work it out, I'll let you know!

    I've been spinning today, and (unusually for me) playing about, trying different techniques with that. Although I am pretty adventurous with most other crafting, spinning is a relaxing thing for me and I tend to spin my default yarn, that is easy to spin and I can ply to suit the yarn I want. So I rarely want to experiment. But today, I did. The yarn is soaking now, and I'll post pictures during the week.

    Happy Sunday!

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