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    Keeping it simple

    I've fallen out of the habit of blogging, as is pretty obvious on here! I will get back to it, but in the meantime I post much more regularily on Instagram. It's quick and easy; I use the camera on my phone rather than having to use my proper camera - which needs the battery charging & I can't find the charger - uploading images, editing them down to a reasonable size, and loading them onto the website. And I'm all about simplicity at the moment.

    There are lots of complicated things going on at home, to do with our oldest son, whether the local education authority will let him stay at his school post-16, claiming disability allowance & doing the attendant paperwork & interviews and stuff like that. So my head in full of complexity and I'm finding (once again) that crafts are my perfect outlet. 

    I bought an old loom ages ago and have been scared of it since. So I decided to just try it, use leftover yarns & see if I could make a simple scarf. As you can see, I did! And the potential of weaving is so exciting. Especially when considered alongside handspun yarns, with all their character. My spinning mojo is back - I'll be showing you more on the blog soon. I've been learning new skills, and went on a Quilt Routes workshop last saturday. I'm so in love with my little piece of machine sewn artwork, and can't wait to do more.


    The focus on simplicity has spilled over to work too. I had always planned to do self published work this year, with a couple of book ideas in my head that needed refining. Then an idea popped into being all by itself and wouldn't go away. So unexpectedly, granny squares have become my focus, and I'm about half way though the designs for a book! With such a clear focus, I can't go haring off, getting distracted by other ideas. I'm being very disciplined about the designs, and it turns out I'm falling back in love with granny squares. The designs are not all actually square, but they all come from that construction & I'm loving it. Happy days :)




    Keeping it simple

    I've been making a magazine design recently. It's the first time I've done a garment, and while it's a simple knit, getting the proportions right has been unexpectedly difficult. In fact it's been kicking my butt :(

    So I needed something simple to work on for when I can't do work knitting. Knit nights, waiting during kid's music lessons - when it's not appropriate to take work knitting, or when I won't be able to concentrate properly. I've also had to sort out the shed - Mr Happymaking has a new work contract that means he can work from home more often so we need to be able to share the workspace. I realised I had somehow gained a lot of blue-grey colour yarn. Some is left over from old projects or designs,  some given to me, some sent by Rico as samples of their summer yarns. Now I've used some for swatches, but that means I have quite a few part-balls hanging around. I don't want to throw them out, but they are taking up space. So I've started a stash-busting crochet blanket.

     Simple stripes, a different colour every row. I don't know how far the yarn will go, so I don't know how big it will get. But oh, those stripes are addictive. Blues, greys, touch of black & white with little pops of orange from time to time. I'm avoiding yarns that will felt easily so this should be a really practical snuggly blanket. I am loving making it. And I have to restrict myself to only working on it when I can't work on the stuff that pays. Because honestly, at the moment, I would happily work on this and nothing else! One stitch, one colour at a time, random(ish) selection of yarns, growing easily, stripe by's just so addictive!

    I will think of a border to cunningly secure all these ends. At least that's the plan.......

    Happy making xx