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    Provisional Cast on tutorial

    These are the two methods that I use. The first is used for just a few stitches, the second is my favourite!


    Cast on for toe up socks

    Here's a video of my favourite method for starting toe up socks, whether solo or two at a time. I have no idea why I started calling the sip knot a slip stitch. Please ignore that - it's a knot!



    Clara Hat 

    Sweet, sassy & speedy to make - it's a cute little hat made in chunky yarn. You can make it in an evening - so if you find yourself in need of a quick gift, you can't go wrong!

    The pdf pattern is available here


    Kitchener Stitch demo

    I love Kitchener Stitch. It's ok, I know I'm in the minority, but seriously - it is like magic! It makes me feel clever & it can make you feel clever too. Use it to join live stitches - whether on the toes of cuff down socks, at shoulders of garments or in the centre of shawls knit side to side. It's not that hard, honestly! The audio on this is a little low, but hopefully you can make it out.


    Crochet bind off for Glam Cowl

    The glam cowl needs a flexible bind off. I tried loads, before I settled on this one that I made up. Then, as there is nothing much new in knitting, about 6 months later I found the bind off in a couple of reference books. It's a handy one: here's the video.